Bodaboda rider flees after breaking pedestrian’s legs on Kenyatta Avenue – VIDEO


A bodaboda rider on Saturday morning knocked down a pedestrian on Nairobi’s Kenyatta Avenue then fled the scene.

The goon fled the scene as the man, who was bleeding profusely, lay on the ground writhing in pain.

Witnesses said the man was using a pedestrian crossing when he was knocked down.

The scene of the early morning accident. PHOTO | AMINA WAKO

“The rider was speeding, yet there is a zebra crossing where the man was crossing the road. He did not even stop to see or try to help the man he knocked down. Everything happened very fast we did not even get the chance to note the number plate of the bike,” said one of the witnesses.

Luckily,an ambulance from Morning Star Medical Centre responded fast and administered first aid to the man.

He suffered two broken legs and injuries on his right arm, head and bruises on his face.

The unidentified man is lifted into the ambulance. PHOTO | AMINA WAKO

Blood was oozing from his nose and he was semi-conscious when he was lifted into the ambulance.

Police officers on the scene said the only way to identify the rider was to review that CCTV footage.

According to a report by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), deaths caused by motorcycles on Kenya roads rose by nearly a third in 2019 compared to 2018.

The unidentified man is lifted into the ambulance. PHOTO | AMINA WAKO

The statistics released in December indicate that at least 724 people were killed in motorcycle-related accidents in 2019 compared to 598 in 2018, an increase of 23 percent.

In Nairobi, the bodaboda menace is compounded by the fact that the riders break all the rules and are always in a hurry to avoid being nabbed by authorities.


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