Day Uhuru Boarded Matatu from State House and How Much He Was Charged


Rarely, if ever, will you spot President Uhuru Kenyatta boarding a matatu on his way to carry out his executive duties.

In November 2014, the head of state while launching the cashless payment system in public transport opted to get first-hand experience.

The system which failed to take off was meant to facilitate electronic payments for commuters phasing out the chaotic cash system that is currently in use.

President Uhuru Kenyatta about to board a matatu from State House in November 2019.

The cashless system was unveiled to assist commuters to pay fare electronically, and bring an end to the haggling over fares as well as the incessant change problem.

Uhuru jovially interacted with the other passengers and the conductor identified as Absalom Omuhatia who charged him Ksh30 for the trip.

The head of state, using the card he had registered for minutes earlier, opted to pay the fare for then Safaricom CEO, the late Bob Collymore, his private secretary Jomo Gecaga, and then Transport CS Michael Kamau costing him Ksh120 in total.

The matatu received the escort that would have been accorded to the presidential vehicle as his security team.

The move surprised Kenyans, including matatu owners, drivers and touts who were astounded to see the matatu carrying the president, edged between security vehicles and being escorted to KICC.

Here is the video courtesy of State House:


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