Interpol, Kenyan police probing theft ring after 3 cars seized


Interpol is helping Kenyan detectives to investigate a car theft syndicate following the seizure of three high-end vehicles at the port of Mombasa on July 30.

The Kenya Revenue Authority said this in a statement on Tuesday following the discovery of two Range Rovers and Mercedes cars worth an estimated Sh40 million.

The vehicles had been concealed as household goods and are believed to have been stolen from the United Kingdom.

They were found in a 40-foot container at the port while being transported to Kampala, Uganda.

Car seized port of Mombasa

The authority said the vehicles were confiscated in an intensified crackdown by a multi-agency team against the importation of contraband goods.

He said that on that date, the southern region customs enforcement department received a scanner alert pointing towards mis-declaration of the contents of the container.

“The container was inspected non-intrusively using the customs x-ray scanner in Mombasa. The scanner image revealed that the contents were three high-end vehicles, inconsistent with the declaration,” he said.

Physical verification at the Container Freight Station (CFS) confirmed the finding.

Mr Safari said the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) was working with detectives from agencies including the National Intelligence Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.


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