Kenya: Matatu operators to go on nationwide strike over strict COVID-19 measures

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Matatu Operators Association on October 25 has said that all the matatus across the country would go on strike over strict COVID-19 measures, according to a news report by

The Chairperson of the association has said that the operators had resorted to strike in an effort to compel the state to address their capacity issues.

“On Tuesday, across the country, all matatus must go on strike. I would like to tell our leaders, Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta, they have neglected our matatu industry.

“When they visit places, they always talk about Boda Boda, they talk about bars and churches but they have forgotten the Matatu Industry. The reason we are striking on Tuesday is because of capacity. Since COVID-19 hit eight months ago, they have not addressed the matatu industry urging for the resumption of full capacity,” he stated.

He further said that several sectors including schools, churches, and air transport had resumed normalcy but the needs of the Matatu industry were yet to be met.

“Earlier, all local flights resumed normal seat capacity, churches have resumed operation, political rallies are back to normal as well as schools. So why have we been forgotten?” he added.


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