NTSA: 60 were killed in drunk-driving incidents the first weekend after bars reopened

Onlookers mill at the scene of a road accident on the Thika Superhighway in this file photo. Photo: Ma3route/Twitter

On the first weekend after bar operations resumed locally, 60 lives were lost in drunk-driving incidents according to a National Police Service Report.

It is the highest number of deaths witnessed in recent months.

The pain of losing a loved one is a reality one family in Dandora cannot escape where Dave and Kelvin are the latest victims of dangerous, drunk driving.

“I found Dave lying on the pavement on the fateful day, blood was oozing from one of his ears, he was dead,” Fred Oduor, an uncle to the deceased told Citizen TV.

“Kelvin was also lying by the roadside, they had been removed from the wreckage by good Samaritans,”

The two cousins perished in a grisly accident at Drive In on the Thika Super Highway at around 10.30PM.

Police reports indicate a speeding vehicle rammed their car from behind, killing them instantly.

Only two people lived to tell the tragic story.

“I was thrown outside by the impact and I watched my cousins struggle to survive, he was bleeding too much,” Whitney Akoth, a cousin to the decedents said.

“It is very hard, I’m lucky I survived but its painful, one moment we were laughing but the next moment he was gone,”

The two were coming from their cousin’s wedding reception when the accident occured.

The driver who caused the accident was charged on October 12 with two counts; driving a motor vehicle at a speed or manner which was dangerous to other road users and causing the death of two people.

According to a report by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) report, 2,689 people perished in road accidents between January and September.

The same report notes that 60 people died between October 2 and October 5. This was the first weekend after night-clubs resumed operations.

Authorities have attributed the recent spate of accidents to drunk driving as revellers drive at break-neck speeds to beat the 11pm curfew.

To avert the looming disaster, the government has re-introduced the infamous alcoblow to major towns across the country.

SOURCE: https://citizentv.co.ke/news/ntsa-60-were-killed-in-drunk-driving-incidents-the-first-weekend-after-bars-reopened-349029/

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