Matatu driver, traffic officer caught on camera endangering passengers’ lives – VIDEO


A video has been shared online showing how a traffic police officer and a matatu driver who were squabbling over bribe money endangered the lives of passengers on board a matatu belonging to 2NK Sacco.

The video, which was taken on Thursday afternoon along Eldoret-Malaba, shows the officer hanging precariously on the moving vehicle.


According to a passenger who spoke to Nairobi News, the incident happened after the police officer and the driver disagreed over bribe money.

“I was traveling from Eldoret to Lumakanda when the driver asked the conductor for Sh50, but the conductor said he did not have the amount. The traffic officer then asked the front seat passenger to alight so that he speaks to the driver. Unfortunately, they did not agree on the amount,” the passenger narrated.

The traffic officer then asked both the driver and the conductor to step out of the vehicle, which they did. After a brief conversation the driver went back to the vehicle and asked the passengers for Sh500.

“He was handed Sh500 which he took to the officer but came back mad and drove off while the officer was still holding on to the matatu door,” the passenger added.

In the video taken by one of the passengers, the officer is seen hanging on the matatu’s door even as the passengers shot at the driver to stop.


“The driver recklessly drove off. He stopped like thrice for the cop to alight,” the passenger said.

Just last month, a police officer succumbed to injuries after he was run over by a vehicle he had flagged down for carrying unidentified plastics.

According to Lang’ata OCPD Gregory Mutiso, the officer signaled the driver of the 14-seater matatu to stop and asked him to hand over his license while holding onto the door handle.

The officer further stated that the driver refused to hand over the document resulting in a tussle and it’s then that he engaged his gear and drove off.

The officer, Peter Lukote, accidentally fell on the road and the matatu ran over him.


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