Moral cop issues hotline for public to report matatus playing obscene videos, music


Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has issued a hotline number to members of the ppublic to report public service vehicle (PSV) showing pornographic content on unlicensed fitted screens.

During a crackdown on Tuesday, KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua appealed to members of the public to support the authority’s initiative and report PSVs they find playing obscene music and videos.

“We appealed to members of the public to support KFCB by reporting to us any cases of inappropriate content in Public Service Vehicles through our hotline number +254 748 184 499,” Dr Mutua said.

Mutua, a self-declared Kenyan moral policeman, on Monday accused matatu operators of turning PSVs into mobile raunchy dens exposing children to content he described as “pure pornography.”

He noted that matatus that are fitted with screens are considered film exhibitors and will henceforth be required to obtain a mandatory license at Sh2,000 per year.

“Every content aired in PSVs has to be rated General Exhibition (GE)…not showcase nudity or obscenity. From tomorrow all corners of the country will have police in place to crack down the uncomplying vehicles,” said Mutua.

The KFCb boss also appealed to parents and school administrators to support the board in its endeavor to protect children from content that can ruin their morals.

On Tuesday, Dr Mutua and his team conducted a crackdown in Langata area and issued licences to Matatus that had not complied with their content regulation requirements as per the Films and Stage Plays Act CAP 222 of the laws of Kenya.

The officers also took the crackdown to Magadi Road, which is used by matatus plying the Rongai-Nairobi route, and inspected the PSVs playing videos and issued them with licenses.

“The Board is committed to bring sanity in the public service transport sector and ensure children are not exposed to inappropriate content,” he added.

Mutua warned that matatu operators found violating the new regulations will be liable to a fine of Sh100,000 or a 5-year jail term or both.

“We appeal to members of the public to report the above by giving the number plate, route of the matatu, the Sacco and if possible evidence of the clip that was aired…you will be treated with confidentiality and protected by KFCB,” he assured.

Mutua named commuter matatus operating on Ngong, Mombasa, Lang’ata, Thika and Magadi roads as the most notorious in terms of exhibiting pornographic content.


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