No more roadblocks as police get patrol cars


Officers in police patrol cars have replaced traffic police who flag down vehicles on highways.

The National Police Service has introduced 38 patrol cars on major highways to conduct random checks on specified routes. It has also abolished roadblocks.

Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai said the cars would have four personnel: the in charge, driver and two other officers.

“There will be no discussions with traffic offenders at any given check point and the checks should not affect the free flow of traffic on the routes,” said the police boss.

He said trained personnel have been deployed in all towns to facilitate free flow of traffic and ensure there is prompt response to incidents.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Njoroge Mbugua read out the rules at the Police Pavilion, South C, when the IG commissioned 25 new cars to be deployed on the routes and enhance operations.

Seventeen of the vehicles will be distributed to major highways and eight to regional commanders for patrols.

Mr Mbugua also announced that 14-seater matatus will not be allowed in the central business district in Nairobi except those on long distance routes.

“All road users should comply with the traffic rules, Insurance Act and National Transport and Safety Authority Act,” he said.

He asked slow drivers to remain in the left lane.

Drivers with minor offences will not be detained but will be released on bail, said Mbugua.

Dangerous driving

He directed that offences such as dangerous driving, careless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs be handled by having the drivers arrested and the vehicles released to the owners or sacco.

“No officer should be deployed to perform traffic duties without service experience of 10 years and all personnel should be in uniform and display service tags,” he said.

Two weeks ago, police commanders were ordered to recall some traffic officers from the roads and deploy them to other duties.

Mbugua said he believes the deployment of excess traffic officers on roads is purely for personal gains.

He said the deployment of excess traffic police officers had raised the number of complaints from motorists.

Mbugua said traffic commanders have not requested for additional officers and the increase in the number of traffic officers on the roads is not proportional to the number of cases.


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