Police launch daytime alcoblow test to curb drunk driving


The government has introduced daytime ‘alcoblow’ tests in efforts to curb accidents caused by drunk driving this festive season.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet on Friday warned drivers saying those who drink alcohol and drive will face the law.

He said more traffic police officers will be deployed along the highways during the festivities. Thousands of Kenyans do travel to their rural homes for the celebrations, causing a traffic surge on the roads.

“The alcohol testing will go a long way in ensuring that the number of road fatalities is reduced during this festive season,” Boinnet said.

He spoke during the recognition awards ceremony for police officers in Nairobi.

Boinnet said: “We have realised one of the single most contributors to reckless driving is drunkenness.”

The IG said the police will this time deal differently with drunk drivers by having alcoblow tests along the highways both during the day and night.

“People have gotten used to finding alcoblow officers at on the highway at the late hours of the night and by 2 or 3 AM in the morning they are gone, not anymore,” he said.

Boinnet said drivers who have made it a norm to imbibe far too long in the night in order to avoid alcoblow are also targetted in the operation.

The IG also said that besides targeting drunk drivers, they will also target pedestrians who do not follow traffic rules.

He said: “People crossing the roads anyhow without observing the traffic rules and imagining the driver has seen them will also be dealt with accordingly.”

This comes after a report from the NTSA stating that the number of road fatalities has reduced compared to last year.

SOURCE: the-star.co.ke

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