Police, NTSA impound 22 vehicles in Malindi crackdown


More than 22 motor vehicles were impounded on Thursday at Mida area along the Malindi - Mombasa high way.

This was during a joint operation conducted by the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) and the National Police service.

The operation which is being carried out countrywide is meant to crackdown on vehicles that do not comply with the safety rules along the roads.

During the crackdown led by Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Kamitu and Head of licensing NTSA  Lt. Colonel (Rtd) Hared  Adan, the law enforcement agents arrested one tour driver who was drunk.

Speaking to journalists at Mida, Kamitu said most of those intercepted were PSV vehicles that had tampered with the speed governors while others were defective.

He said some were driving vehicles without a valid licenses and others drove vehicles with expired driving licenses.

Kamitu said those arrested were given cash bails while others were escorted to Malindi Police station.

“Many Kenyans we found out that they are complying with the rules, even many of the vehicles carrying passengers are compliant,” he said.

NTSA official inspects a matatu during a joint crackdown between police and NTSA at Mida area along the Malindi Mombasa High way on December 26


Head of licensing NTSA Lt. Colonel RTD Hared Adan inspects a matatu during a joint crackdown between police and NTSA at Mida area along the Malindi Mombasa High way on December 26

He said their purpose of coming down to the area from Nairobi was to inspect vehicles and check the mistakes being done by motorists daily or from time to time.

Kamitu said the operation began in Nairobi, Machakos, Salama, Makindu, Voi, Mazeras and Mida area.

“Countrywide during the festive season there has not been worst accidents witnessed like a bus overturning, or colliding, trailers colliding because the government through the agencies mandated to ensure safety on the roads began crackdowns early,” he said.

Kamitu said that accidents had gone down in the country and those reported are very few particularly personal vehicles which can be attributed to drunkenness.

On his part, Adan said they were supporting the police with some of the technical support.

He added that they brought into the joint operation motor vehicle inspectors to do the inspections  on the spot to ensure all are roadworthy.

Adan said they were looking at the application to ensure that vehicles are duly licensed.

He said there were a number of incidences where vehicles’ speed limit gadgets had been tampered with especially on light trucks and a few PSVs.

“My message to the owners is to ensure that their vehicles are compliant. Do not tamper with the speed governor and ensure you have a monitoring mechanism to make sure that you are able to monitor your vehicle at any given time,” he said.

Head of licensing NTSA Lt. Colonel RTD Hared Adan shows details of a driving licence of a PSV driver which was VALID during a jOINT crackdown between police and NTSA at Mida area along the Malindi Mombasa High way on December 26

He told PSV operators to have a control room to be able to monitor the speed of their vehicles and ensure their vehicles are compliant.

Adan said he was aware it might look as if they are inconveniencing Kenyans but termed it as a benefit of the safety of the road users.

“If that will be viewed as inconvenience then let so be it, we want everybody to take responsibility in terms of road safety, road safety starts with you and me, therefore, don’t await the law enforcement to enforce for you to comply,” he said.

He said it was a continuous exercise that did not start today adding that the exercise will continue and they will give the police the necessary support.

Andrea Mweri, passenger from Matsangoni, welcomed the operation saying though they were delayed in reaching their destination, it meant well for all road users.

Mweri said everybody needs to be safe on the roads adding that drivers must adhere to safety regulations.

He called on the enforcement agents to conduct the operations regularly even outside the busy festive season.

SOURCE: the-star.co.ke

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