Transport along Kangundo-Machakos road interrupted as two matatu Sacco members clash


Transport along Kangundo-Machakos road was interrupted for some hours on Tuesday after wrangles emerged between Mita Sacco and splinter Sacco, Mwanzo Mpya.

Vehicles belonging to Mwanzo Mpya Sacco were blocked by Mita Sacco from carrying passengers at Kenol.

Police from Kenol police station were forced to move in to control traffic where one person was arrested. 

The police were able to clear the road where several vehicles from both Saccos were towed to Kenol police station.

According to Mita Sacco, operators of Mwanzo Mpya Sacco failed to adhere to the transport rules in the area.

Mwanzo Mpya Sacco chairman Charles Mweu, however, decried frustration from the rival Sacco since their entry into the transport business.

 “We are a new Sacco and since our entry into the business, we have faced frustrations and resistance by Mita Sacco. This is because our services are preferred by passengers compared to theirs because of our cheap prices and professionalism,” said Mweu. 

He said that their vehicles have been blocked from carrying passengers and even after reporting to the police no action is taken. 

Efforts to reach Mita Sacco chairman David Makau bore no fruits as our calls went unanswered. 

Machakos county police commander Farah Mohammed confirmed the incident and said the wrangles have reached his office and promised to address them. 


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