Video Of Suspected Thugs Brandishing Gun In A Matatu


Killer cop Hessy Wa Dandora has put two suspected thugs seen brandishing gun on his radar.

The two suspects who are in a matatu are seen pronouncing profanities with one of them showing off a pistol tucked in his trouser.

“Ndio hawa 2 wanajipiga kifua apa, they think this is South Africa #radar” Hessy Wa Dandora posted on his page.

The viral video comes against a backdrop of series of criminal incidents happening in Nairobi.

On Sunday a group of five suspected thugs hijacked a Double M bus headed to Buru buru.

The thugs who had attempted to drive the bus crushed it, causing the police officers to catch up with them.

Two of them were killed on the spot while three others managed to escape.

Passengers suffered minor injuries.

Ghetto Radio could not publish the video due to the profane language used by the thugs in it.


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