How an Audi R8 in Perth is helping children in Kenya

John Elliott hands over the keys to his Audi R8 supercar with a tear or two to Luxuride, luxury car sales rep, Dominic Brighton (left) to be sold for charity.

Perth businessman John Elliott calls his R8 a means to an end, and that end is a sustainable village for orphaned and abandoned African children.

In a move that will seem nigh on unthinkable to car lovers, the young CEO of Elliott Insurance Brokers is selling his pride and joy to raise money for the One Heart Foundation, a charity that gives hope to Kenyan kids who would otherwise have none.

To bring Elliott’s generosity into sharper focus, the other car in his garage is a Mazda 3.

For two years running, Elliott’s business has been named in BRW’s Fast 100 list of the fastest growing companies in Australia and his desire to make a positive impact on the world has grown exponentially, too.

From medical centres in Zambia to running marathons in Africa for charity with just 10 days’ notice, Elliott has seen first-hand how people on that continent struggle to survive and what a difference a little effort from us can make.

Call it an epiphany, perhaps, but Elliott realised that driving his supercar around Perth just didn’t make sense knowing that kids he had met were starving.

But make no mistake, this isn’t a case of a big boy getting sick of an old toy.

“The novelty has definitely not worn off yet,” Elliott said of the car.

Any regret at the sale, however, is offset by the knowledge the money raised — minus the amount he owes on the car — will add to the $50,000 he has already donated to pay for the purchase of an eight-acre site the One Heart village will be built on.

At an asking price of $149,990, it’s already one of the cheapest R8s around but the deal is even sweeter thanks to some of Elliott’s business buddies, who’ve added $20,000 in extras for the buyer.

Extras such as a four-year, new-car warranty, plus three years of detailing and servicing from Luxuride, the dealership selling the car, which will also donate its $15,000 consignment fee to One Heart.

“In a time where the market is tough for a lot of people, it has been amazing to see the willingness of Perth businesses to support this foundation and the mission we are on to break the poverty cycle in Kenya,” Elliott said.

Visit for information about the car and go to to see where the money will go.

Source : AU News

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