General Information About Car Gearbox Repairs


Some car mechanics may charge you a high rate for car gearbox repairs, more so if you are ignorant about gearbox problems. Over the past few years, car manufacturers have been adding various technologies for making cars. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons for a higher rate of car malfunction these days. Generally, it is important to perform proper and regular maintenance for your car. So, if you do not know how to check the basic items like engine oil and radiator level for your car, learn how to do so.

Immaterial of whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, there are some signs of possible gearbox problems. If you feel some delay when the gears are being changed or shifted, it could be due to a gearbox problem. Loud noise in your gearbox is another indicator. Sometimes, you may hear noises under your car when you change the gears.

The best thing to do would be to check your car. According to some studies, the contamination of lubricant and fluid make twenty percent of problems related to gearbox. It does not matter whether the car is an automatic or manual one. Lack of proper cleaning or irregular cleaning can cause dirty fluid.

So, check the gearbox filter. If there is a build up of dirt, simply change the filter into a new one. In the case of an automatic car, fluid is vital for its transmission. Ensure that the right type of fluid is at the correct level. Hence, performing simple maintenance on a weekly basis is a good move.

Fluid should be changed at least twice a year. Lubricant oil should be checked and changed if necessary. If you find no problems with the filter, fluid or lubricant, then, there could be a problem with your gearbox if you hear noises or whatever. It is best to address a gearbox problem immediately.

Apart from causing safety problems, it could cause a much lower car value if you decide to sell the car. Second-hand dealers may give you a lower price compared to the cost of repairing the gearbox. Delaying the repair of your gearbox may cause problems that are more serious to your car, leading to more expenditure.

If your gearbox needs to be changed, there is an alternative to buying a new one, which could be very costly. Simply purchase a reconditioned gearbox instead. Learning some basic issues about your car and performing regular maintenance can go a long way to save you money and energy.


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  1. This is great, what is the approximate price of a reconditioned cvt gearbox for 4B12 engine Mitsubishi Outlander 2006 model 4WD? Where can I find one?


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