Reading and Understanding the Auction Sheet

Car auction sheet is a document prepared by the auction house to inform car dealers about the condition of a vehicle. The car auction sheet contains all the information that a dealer may need to know about the vehicle such as; Year of registration, mileage, color, vehicle make and model, grade, chassis number, Vin, vehicle condition etc. The auction sheet is only available in Japanese language. Below is as detailed explanation of how to read theJapanese car auction sheet.

  1. Auction lot number
  2. Date of first registration in Japan
  3. Car model
  4. Number of doors
  5. The vehicle engine size (cc)
  6. Vehicle chassis number
  7. The vehicle grade
  8. 2WD or 4Wd
  9. Auction grade / Rating (0 to 6)
  10. Rating for interior condition of the car (A to E)
  11. Vehicle Transmission
  12. Vehicle specifications
  13. Mileage covered
  14. Air conditioner
  15. Exterior color
  16. Fuel type
  17. Drive (Right hand drive (RHD) or Left hand drive (LHD))
  18. Vehicle sales points
  19. Capacity (persons)
  20. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  21. Car condition
  22. Car condition explanation

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