54 Kids Died On Thika Roads - Police


SOME 54 schoolchildren were killed, 165 seriously injured and 49 slightly wounded in road accidents last year in Thika district, a police report has revealed. The report says the children were knocked down by motorists and cyclists while crossing roads to and from school. Others fell from motorcycles and bicycles while being taken to and from school.

The report was released by the traffic department on Monday during a two-day workshop for 20 teachers from primary schools near the highway in Thika West and Thika East subcounties. The workshop, which also brought together transport stakeholders, was sponsored by Mt Kenya University and facilitated by Alpha Road Safety.

Representatives from the Health ministry, Education ministry, traffic department and matatu industry, who form the local road safety committee, were present.

During the workshop, some of the main causes of the accidents were identified. They include children crossing roads without guidance or an escort, lack of helmets and reflector jackets, use of pedestrian pavement by cyclists, speeding and overloading.

The participants said teachers should start road safety clubs in their schools. The local road safety committee pledged to organise awareness campaigns for motorists, cyclists and parents.

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