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A UK based Crime-fighting charity, Crimestoppers, launched its first ever product Crimestoppers Property Protector on the 14th of January. This was during their 23rd anniversary celebrations. As the charity continues its fight against crime, it has now expanded its work to help people protect their valuables and deter thieves.

Contains a combination of micro particles

Crimestoppers Property Protector is a clear liquid solution, each bottle containing a combination of micro particles which provide a unique code number. Simply by dabbing a small amount of Crimestoppers Property Protector onto valuable items you give them their own coded fingerprint – registered exclusively to the rightful owner via a property registration database.

“An exciting development for the charity”

Michael Laurie CBE, Crimestoppers’ Chief Executive said: “This is an exciting development for the charity which will help people protect their property and at the same time raise vital funds for the charity. These are challenging times and we need to find new ways to raise money whilst continuing our crime-fighting efforts. With this product we are expanding our work to help people deter thieves and therefore taking a more proactive and preventative approach in fighting crime. No doubt many people have received expensive items over Christmas and Crimestoppers Property Protector is a great way to help keep them safe. If they are stolen, there is an increased chance of them being returned to their rightful owner and the criminal being caught.”

Supported by Graham Cole

Actor Graham Cole, who played PC Tony Stamp in ITV1’s The Bill is supporting the venture: “I played the part of a police officer for 27 years and I’m now pleased to support a real crime-fighting effort. Crimestoppers plays a vital role in helping make our streets safer – and now with Crimestoppers Property Protector you can help make your valuables safer too.”
Crimestoppers Property Protector is produced by Stealth Mark who provide Brand Security Solutions to protect against counterfeiting, diversion, tampering, substitution and theft of Assets.

Special discount – discount code

Crimestoppers Property Protector is priced at £34.99 but currently there is a £7.50 discount when purchasing online on the Crimestoppers Property Protector website - just quote the voucher code “CS175″. Offer ends 31 March 2011.



  1. Using the brush applicator provided, apply a small dot of Crimestoppers Property ProtectionTM to any item – from tiny pieces of jewellery to plasma screen televisions. The small drop of solution will be almost invisible to the naked eye, but will glow under UV light. For added security, we recommend you tag each item in two or three different places. Try to tag items in covert places, under the battery cover of your laptop for example.
  2. Mark your possession with the warning stickers provided, to serve as a deterrent.
  3. Register your details, and your unique Crimestoppers Property ProtectionTM code, on the Immobilise property register. This is the final, crucial step of the process – and gives you the best possible chance of recovering stolen items.

Here comes the science bit…

Each drop of solution you apply to your items contains a combination of microparticles completely unique to you. It’s virtually impossible to see, and even harder to remove – but in the event that a tagged item gets stolen, police can find the mark using UV torches. Police will then be able to read the unique Crimestoppers Property ProtectionTM code, using special particle scanners. All that remains is to cross-check the code with your ImmobiliseTM registration, and the items can be returned to you – with the Crimestoppers Property ProtectionTM solution still in place!

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