How safe are helmets in the wake of Coronavirus?


Bodaboda operators in Kenya have stated that they are at risk of contracting Coronavirus due to the nature of their job.

Most of them have two helmets on their bikes meaning all their passengers use the same helmet.

A spot check by Ureport revealed that they are not sure on how to protect themselves since they cannot know whether one has the virus or not.

“If I get a customer from here (Mombasa Road) to town and we agree on the payment, I will take them.

“I cannot tell whether they have Coronavirus or not. I will just give them a helmet to protect their heads,” said one of them.

Adding: “In terms of curbing the spread of the virus, I am afraid that these helmets might spread the virus. Only God is protecting us.”

Mercy Asamba, a regular user of motorbikes, said that it is a huge risk but if possible the helmets should be sanitized.

“It is almost impossible to sanitise the helmets after every trip but I believe something can be done.

“Some riders are giving shower caps and instructing their passengers not close the front part of the helmet, she said.

Adding: “I understand the risk but personal hygiene should be maintained at all times especially after touching the helmets.”

Those in the transport sector have implemented a number of measures to curb the spread of the virus and a number routes have introduced hand washing areas.

At the Taj Mall matatu stage, conductors are encouraging passengers to sanitise their hands but some appear to be ignoring them.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on Wednesday announced that three more people had tested positive for the virus bringing the official number to seven.

He emphasized personal hygiene and asked the public to avoid gatherings.

By Wednesday, most churches had suspended services and stated that they would deliver sermons online.

They also put strict measures on weddings and funerals, noting that the ceremonies should be kept short and only a handful of people would attend.


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