Nairobi’s Hottest Matatu : Alvin beckons Waiyaki Way with 2 TVs, Whistler and Internal Snake Lights


Distinct from other Nairobi City routes that seen Ma3 owners invest loads of cash on their Ma3s, Waiyaki Way has always retained the ‘tired look’.

But all this has changed with the arrival of Alvin under Super Metro Sacco.

Alvin a product of CFG fabricators and super metro sacco is designed with a theme from Alvin and the chipmunks movie. Fitted with 3 TV screens, probably the matatu with most screens on route 105.

“This is the most unique and the most outstanding mathree on this route. The youthful passengers are excited and love it to death,” Fredrick Mwaura Njeri aka Freddie wa Jambo, one of the crew told Mat3 Culture.


Adding that “Alvin is the only mathree that is offered for free by its CEO, Humphrey during CSR events thus putting smiles on the face of the less fortunate in the society”.

Alvin’s special features include a big screen, dancing floor, whistler and internal snake lights.

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