Man Selling A ‘Suzuki Vitara’ Creates An Epic 2-Minute Video Ad that goes Viral!


As we all know, most used car adverts are pretty boring affairs. Some badly taken pictures or a shakey cellphone video, together with generic text of how well the car has been maintained, is all you get to see.

Not so with the absolute masterpiece posted below. The buyer went all-out Hollywood style to convince you to buy his 20 year old bucket, and boy are we sure the thing will sell! Enjoy:

Eugene Romanovsky wants to sell you his 1996 Suzuki Vitara and he has pulled out all the stops to show you just how badass this piece of vehicular machinery is!

Its only fair to assume this guy’s new job as a professional video editor is making him so much cash that he is able to upgrade the whip.

The Suzuki is seen travelling the world and even into outer space. From under water to the desert sands, the Suzuki proves to be a hardcore, dependable ride that you just can’t live without! There is even a dinosaur chase! Yeah…dinosaurs! It is that epic!



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