Joy is Beauty on the Road


Exterior Design

“If a vehicle doesn’t look dynamic how are we supposed to believe that it drives dynamically? You have to be able to both see and feel its character. It’s the same with talent. It’s not enough just to have it, you have to be able to use it.”

- Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design

Interior Design

“In the interior, dynamics and elegance are represented in one flowing movement from the instrument panel to the door. This can instantly be felt. All of the high-quality control elements are ergonomically positioned for a perfect fit as soon as you take a seat.”


Twin power Turbo V8 Engine: With a turbocharged 8-cylinder engine and an impressively smooth 1,750 rpm, brace yourself for the incredible acceleration of BMW’s 5 Series Sedan. Also Inline 6 Cylinder Engines in the 528i and 535i


A head up display shows the speeds the limits in the roads ahead, Active cruise control that reduces speed to a stand still if there is a slower car ahead, camera systems improve vision in  unclear situations, Active blind spot detection detects danger even before it occurs, BMW Night Vision not only sees in the dark but detects pedestrians.

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