The Range Rover is perhaps one the most prestigious cars on the market.


The brand new 2014 Range Rover truly is a sight to behold. It seems to have adopted an almost shark-like appearance, with those angry, dark headlights sitting either side of a rounded nose and teeth-like grille. There are even gills on the sides and one could argue that there is a dorsal fin on the roof. It looks mean, it looks expensive, and it looks brilliant.


Luxurious, comfortable, and elegant. These are just some of the adjectives used to describe the innards of the Range Rover. Certainly, you would be hard pressed to find fault with the refinement, it’s as classy as it is expensive. Unless you are used to a life of caviar, polo, and tea on the lawn, then you might feel a little overwhelmed.


For all the luxury and leather, the Range Rover is still a fervent off-roader. After all, that’s what it was originally designed for. In keeping with real-life issues, for 2014 it comes with fuel-saving stop/start technology and is made from lightweight aluminum. This new frame makes the car a staggering 420kg lighter than the outgoing model! For added handling performance, it also comes with permanent 4WD and air suspension. Inside, things are just as you would expect from a car worth over 25 million Kenyan Shillings.


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