Wording Your Car Advert


Setting the price of your car

If you set the price of your car too high and you may receive little interest from buyers – set it too low and you could miss out on thousands of Kenya Shillings.

Sell your car online and you can add a more detailed description which you can be able to edit any time. Start with the most appealing features such as engine size, model and alloy wheels, before going into more detail.

What to include

The perfect car ad will include the following:

1. Exact type of car

Write the correct car type and model – for example “Ford Focus Ghia 1.8 5-door hatchback” and not “Focus hatchback.”

2. Year and registration letter

Be as descriptive as possible. Writing 1999/T or 2006/56 is fine. “T-reg” or “2000 model-year” are easier to read.

3. Mileage

Include the car’s mileage – this also lets the buyer know how reliable the car is.

4. Colour

Be as precise as possible. “Metallic blue” is more helpful than “Sorrento Shimmer.”

5. Tax

State whether the vehicle comes with road tax, or when the current tax disc expires. Read our car tax guide for more information on taxing your vehicle.

6. MOT

Include the due date of your car’s next MOT.

7. Service history

If your car has a recorded service history, mention it. If it’s complete, put “full service history.” Use the full words and avoid abbreviations.

8. Number of owners

State how many previous owners the car has had and how long they owned it for. Cars with fewer owners are desirable and could clinch a quick sale.

9. Features

Show off your car’s best features – air conditioning, alloy wheels, electric windows, central locking and so on. Remember to include any modifications you’ve made to the vehicle here.

10. Asking price

Expect buyers to haggle, so set your price a slightly higher than the minimum price you’d accept. Read our guide to setting a price for more help.

11. Reason

Explain why you’ve put your motor up for sale to reassure the buyer – perhaps you’re buying a new car or moving abroad.
Be honest – if your car isn’t in great condition, consider lowering the asking price.

12. Pictures

Attach as many photos as possible (up to a maximum of nine) and make your advert stand out – you can now even display a video slide show of your images.

It’s a good idea to wash or wax your car to create a good first impression. Our article on preparing your car has more information.

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