Troubleshooting a Car Butterfly Valve

Updated: November 2, 2010

A butterfly valve is essentially a valve that is used to isolate and control flow in cars in particular. They come from the quarter-turn valve family. When the valve is turned it opens and closes. These types of valves are very popular as they are less expensive than other types. They are also lighter than others, which means that they do not need to be supported as much.

There is a metal disc that is situated in the middle of the pipe. There are problems that you can get, though, with butterfly valves and it is important to know what the cause is and what can be done to resolve the situation. They are quite easy to repair and replace, which is handy.

Check the Potential Causes

One of the biggest problems you can get with a butterfly valve is that it can easily be eroded by the elements and when that happens it doesn’t open or close properly and can have a direct result on how your car operates and runs. The valve unfortunately has lost its ability to be resistant to high temperatures and corrosion of the metal. By becoming eroded this affects the flow that is being sent through the valve and you will not be able to control it correctly. Damage to the sealing of the valve can also be affected.

The fact that you may be unable to get rid of all substances that are left in the valve is a major disadvantage and this is down to its design. The valve can easily wear down very quickly. If you install a butterfly incorrectly, then this too can lead to problems.

Repair and Replace the Butterfly Valve

Thankfully due to its simple design, these types of valves are very easy to maintain and repair. The valve itself consists of a flat metal piece and has a rod that runs through it in the middle. This creates an airtight seal and this part in particular needs to be replaced first. So when you are repairing or fixing problems you need to get this component out first and then replace with a new rod and plate. The rod that goes through the center of the plate goes out into a pipe and then triggers a mechanism to turn the rod. The rod is similar to the metal plate and must be held tightly so when replacing, ensure that you do this so it doesn’t leak.

If you perform this action, then there is much less risk of leaking in the pipe and valve. You will need to bolt the valve on in the middle of two metal plates. Once you have installed or repaired the butterfly valve correctly then you should be able to use it again. By having a fully working butterfly valve this will mean when driving that as the pedal is pressed down to open the valve, it will do just that with no problem at all. Air and gas will have to combine in the right mix and right amounts of each for it to work and function right.

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