Quality is only as good as the Parts Used

Updated: March 21, 2011

Ask any mechanic and they will tell you that the any car repair that they carry out is only as good as the quality of the parts they are using. The old saying of “a good workman never blames his tools” simply doesn’t apply here; if you use cheap car parts for your car repairs, they won’t last.


When it comes to the subject of motor car repairs, people always want to save as much money as possible. Often, the money saved in a cheap car repair is quickly spent again a couple of weeks/months/years down the line as they are forced to repair the same problem due to the initial use of poor quality replacement parts. Next time, before you jump on a cheap car repair, check out exactly what category part you are receiving. Car parts can be divided into three quality groups, excluding forged car parts:


1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


These are parts that are actually designed and manufactured by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Obviously, this is about as good as it gets as far as quality car repair goes. Nobody is more intent on avoiding future motor car repairs to your vehicle, than the manufacturer themselves.


2. Branded After Market


These are car repair parts that are designed by the manufacturer of your vehicle, but built by a 3rd party parts manufacturer. These parts are also of extremely high quality as the parts manufacturer also has a reputation to uphold and realized that car manufacturers will discontinue their services should their parts result in too many car repairs. Often, these types of parts can be of even higher quality than OEM car repair parts.


3. White Box Parts


White box car repair parts are designed with one thing in mind – PRICE. They often come in completely unbranded boxes, don’t last as long as the above-mentioned parts and have little to no warranty whatsoever. Car repair parts such as these are usually used for repairing really old vehicles where the part itself will probably outlive the vehicle itself.


Basically, when it comes to motor car repairs for your vehicle, don’t only look at the competency of your mechanic, also check what type of car parts he is using on your vehicle. Ask him to keep receipts and boxes of the car repair parts he has used to fix your vehicle; as unfortunately, mechanics will sometimes bill you for OEM parts but only use white box or forged parts. Keep this in mind with your next car repair service.


Article source: http://www.carbuyingmojo.com/2011/01/whacky-car-mechanic.html

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