Women should Learn to Change Car Tyres


It is amazing that we are at the tail end of 2013, yet there are women who still don’t know how to go about some of the simplest of tasks, yet they call themselves independent.

A woman worth her salt ought to know how to go about mechanical stuff before writing off men.

To begin with, it is without doubt that women have, over the years, become motor vehicles salesmen favourite customers. Believe me, whereas men are going for serious things in life, women are rushing to buy vehicles. As a matter of fact, the more fancy a car looks, the more a woman will likely buy it.

Never mind that such a car may not last a year on the Kenyan pot holed roads.

But much as women rush to buy the latest car models — to show off to their girlfriends and ultimately congest Kenyan roads — they are yet to take a moment to learn the art of changing a punctured tyre. That is why it is not strange to come across a beautiful woman almost in tears wondering what to do after her damned vehicle tyre gets punctured.

That is when the woman, who often goes round chest thumping how she doesn’t need a man, appreciates the existence of men.

As we get into the new year, female car owners should — at least — clip their fingernails and learn to change punctured car tyres.

Secondly, more and more women insist on introducing themselves as independent and live single lives.

Problem is, they just can’t fix a damn thing — a dead bulb, clogged sink, malfunctioned TV aerial and whatnot — in the damned house.

For instance, one of my female neighbours had to interrupt me from watching one of my favourite series Game of Thrones, to ask me to help her change a bulb in her house. Never mind this is the same neighbour who had been throwing her weight around calling men useless.

Though I grudgingly helped her out, she had to pay in kind. I’m not sure whether, to her, I’m also useless.


News Source: STANDARD Digital

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