Toyota Shows Up in Full Force

Updated: November 16, 2011

The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is sort of playing the part of ‘little brother’ to this year’s LA Auto Show. The premier auto event of the City of Angels kicks off tomorrow, Nov. 16th, and runs until the 27th. During the hangover of the Californian show, the Japanese show will kick off on the 30th. Toyota plans on showing up at the latter event in Tokyo, bringing with them new models and new concepts. Expected to debut at the show include the Prius C compact hybrid which is the production version of the Prius C concept car, the FCV-R hydrogen fuel-cell powered sedan concept, the FT-EV III electric minicar concept and the super-compact electric car dubbed the Fun-Vii.The most interesting of the new models making their way to the show, however, is the production version of the FT-86. We have seen the Prius C several times before in both variants, however the FCV-R concept has been a bit coyer in the last few weeks. Planned for launch around 2015, it features a fuel-cell beneath its specially designed body for a range that, combined with a high-pressure hydrogen tank, is said to be around 435 miles. Check out the preview shots of all of Toyota’s latest models and concepts, set for their respective debuts in the wake of the LA Auto Show at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show on November 30th.

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