Policewoman in skirt saga fears looming transfer



A female traffic police corporal in Kiambu county now fears she will be transferred to a distant outpost following the furore surrounding her official uniform.

Corporal Linda Okello was published on Sunday Nation newspaper wearing a tight skirt while on official duty at the KCB Kenya national rally championship in Kiambu.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News,  Corporal Okello recounted how she was summoned by Kiambu County Commandant James Mugeria on Monday morning and told to give an explanation why her official skirt was tight.

She was also instructed to carry along the skirt for verification on whether it was the official police uniform she was issued.

Throughout the questioning, Corporal Okello insisted that the skirt was her official uniform and that she had gained weight since it was issued.

County Commandant James Mugeria gave her back the skirt after the grilling.

The policewoman now fears she will be transferred to a distant hardship area.

Nairobians started a Twitter campaign to protest against the alleged disciplinary action.

Source: http://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/

Dubbed #KenyansforLindaOkello and #PoliceUniform, the campaign condemned Corporal Okello’s ‘victimisation’.

Robert Alai tweeted ‘@UKenyatta @IGKimaiyo @JoeLenku Since when the photo appeared on our newspapers, the female police officer has not had peace #PoliceUniform’

He added ‘I thought crime and terrorism was keeping police bosses busy. Why target this poor  officer? @UKenyatta @IGKimaiyo @JoeLenku #PoliceUniform’

The policewoman was pictured to illustrate the security that was beefed up during the national rally championship in Kiambu.

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