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KCB Home Loan Kiambu Rally

KCB Kiambu Rally is to run entirely on closed private farm roads around Migaa, Mboi Kamiti, Cianda and Tatu City, writes Samson Ateka.

Drivers and navigators will savor something different from the norm during the KCB Kiambu Rally 2014 which is programmed to run entirely on private roads around Kiambu County and its environs on the weekend of April 26 and 27. Rallye Sports Club (RSC) Chairman and Event Director Phineas Kimani said there is a deliberate plan to make the event enticing in that it will be a sharp contrast to the usual events held under the hustle and bustle of public roads ostensibly for safety reasons.

Kimathi added that it will be the beginning of transforming the organizational setup of the rally-sport bringing not only a benchmark but restoring the glory of the prestigious WRC Safari when Kenya stood out above the rest in Africa. “We intend to run a unique prize giving ceremony at Nairobi Museum whereby there will be a live band in an extra dose to spice-up the occasion,” said Kimathi. The event which makes up the third round of the KCB Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) 2014 will be co-sponsored by ALS (who are the safety and evacuation chopper providers), iWay Africa (the official internet service providers), ICEA Lion (insurance service providers) and Migaa who are hosting the 10km spectator stage.

Cianda Estate, Gitatha Farm, Mboi Kamiti, Marriot and Tatu Estate are also supporting organizers RSC with closed road racing venues. Clerk of the course, George Mwangi emphasized on the impending arrangement, saying they have come up with a punitive measure to restrict all spectators to the designated spectator stage at Migaa which lies on an area where a golf course is being constructed. In line with the World Rally Championship (WRC) format, Mwangi said spectators will not be allowed to drive in at Migaa “and will be required to park their cars at a designated location outside the farm and then head to the action site without having to interfere with the flow of the rally traffic.”

Anyone caught trespassing will be prosecuted, organizers have said. “There will be designated areas outside Migaa farm where all spectators will park their cars and walk to the stage,” said Mwangi. There will be four stages that will be repeated on both days. These are Cianda (22 kilometers), Tatu City (30 kilometers), Mboi Kamiti (17 kilometers) and Migaa (10kilometres) which will also serve as Service Park, Rally Headquarters and Spectator Stage. Fans accessing Migaa venue will have a bonus of sorts as they will be in a position to view “flying finish” area of Mboi Kamiti stage.

Recce is programmed to start from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm on Friday April 25 and continues the following day from 6am to 10am. Scrutineering will be at San Valencia Gardens on Riara Road on the same day from On Saturday April 26, there will be speeches outside KCB, Kiambu branch from 11.30 and followed by the ceremonial start outside the Bank premises at midday. The first five cars will be flagged off at 3 minutes interval while the rest of the pack will be given a 1 minute interval.

The climax of the RSC organized event will be the colorful prize giving ceremony at San Valencia Museum Restaurant where all and sundry will be treated to some vibrant entertainment, courtesy of the RSC organizing committee. Cars will tackle three stages (Cianda, Mboi Kamiti and Migaa) on Saturday April 26 after which there will be an overnight perc ferme at Migaa. The Migaa spectator stage will be run once on Day One.

Sunday, April 27 will see the first rally car restart at Migaa perc ferme at 08.00 am. Cars will then tackle six stages with the Migaa spectator stage being run thrice and the longest stage at Tatu City (30 kilometers) giving crews a real taste of the technical driving, and by extension, the red sand soil which is typical of roads around this region. The closed road stages are located at serene environments on picturesque private farms.

KCB Kiambu Rally will be a matter of history being in the making with two new Proton Satria Neo S2000 rally cars from Malaysia awaiting their debut on Kenyan soil and being driven by the country’s fastest drivers in the sport.

S2000s have previously graced the Kenyan rally scene during the 2008 KCB Safari Rally when the Abarth works team from Italy came calling with the magnificent Fiat Grande Puntos driven by Umberto Scandola and Andrea Navara in the then all-new Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) that the Safari counted for and South African Jon Williams with a VW Polo S-2000 which he entered in the Pirreli Star Driver competition. The Polo was later entered in the Safari in Elementaita by the famous Varlaque sisters Lola and Meagan from down South.

Multiple former Kenya Champions Carl Tundo and Alastair Cavenagh, two of the quickest drivers in the KCB KNRC series, have already received delivery of the two S 2000 Protons and are now getting ready to fine-tune them to local specs.

Fans can’t wait to observe what’s up the sleeves of drivers in various categories and especially the 2WD where a renewal of rivalry is the offing between Mombasa-based Nadeem Kana, two times former Champion Leonardo Varese and defending champion Dennis Mwenda both from Nairobi.

The 2014 KCB KNRC has been to Malindi and Machakos on first weekends of February and March respectively. Defending Champion Baldev Chager leads the 2014 KCB KNRC with 140 points after finishing second at KCB Malindi Rally and winning KCB Machakos Rally held in Konza, Ulu and Wote. KIambu last hosted a KCB KNRC event during the 2007 edition of the KCB Guru Nanak Rally.

Spectators lined up along Kiambu Road in their hordes and later the Paradise Lost Resort that hosted the spectator stage in the 2007 event.

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KCB Home Loan Kiambu Rally Reviewed by on . KCB Kiambu Rally is to run entirely on closed private farm roads around Migaa, Mboi Kamiti, Cianda and Tatu City, writes Samson Ateka. Drivers and navigators wi KCB Kiambu Rally is to run entirely on closed private farm roads around Migaa, Mboi Kamiti, Cianda and Tatu City, writes Samson Ateka. Drivers and navigators wi Rating:
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