Fuel shortage hits parts of Nairobi


Fueling stations within Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) have reported an over two weeks diesel shortage.

Station attendants who spoke to reporters revealed that their facilities have been unable to provide the fuel to customers after their supplies ran out.

The situation seems to have affected diesel pumps in the CBD alone as other stations reported business as usual.

The shortage is likely to cause a spike in prices which could trickle down to commuters within the city.

Hoarding by Oil Marketing Companies

A similar shortage of kerosene hit small dealers last month which saw the estate dealers hike prices of the commodity.

At the time, the kerosene shortage was attributed to hoarding by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

“Independent dealers cannot access petrol and diesel. They (OMCs) say what they have is meant for their stations. They say the price is also lower than their cost so they cannot sell,” Kenya Independent Petroleum Distributors Association (KIPEDA) chair Joseph Karanja explained at the time.

The diesel shortage comes on a day when the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) is set to release revised fuel prices for the September-October period.

SOURCE: pulselive.co.ke

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