Cross Sport: it’s a BRZ shooting brake

Updated: November 21, 2013
Unlike the rest of the Subaru lineup, with the exception of the BRZ of course, the Cross Sport concept is rear-wheel-drive. It’s just had its official unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside a few other Subaru concepts. But this is the new concept that should interest you the most. Weighing just 2,756 lbs, it’s a sampling of what Subaru has in mind for a potential upcoming urban SUV.
The automaker claims the Cross Sport has “easy seat access, a comfortable interior, and abundant luggage space.” No word yet on what’s under the hood, but sources are claiming it has a horizontally opposed paired to a CVT. The rear tailgate is a split design and the rear seats have considerably more legroom than what’s in the BRZ. So could this be Subaru’s answer to the likes of the Nissan Juke? We hope so. Ideally, a production version would drop the CVT in favor of a six-speed manual and will have the BRZ’s 2.0 boxer under the hood, only turbocharged. Yes, this could be the common man’s Ferrari FF.

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