Men Only Need a Rat’s IQ and a Big Car to Get Her

Updated: December 8, 2013

Driving on Lang’ata Road in the morning on a weekday can be an interesting anthropological study on the social evolution of the Nairobi woman.

Men in expensive cars no longer chauffeur women, the women drive them. If we can use the cars they drive as a barometer for climbing up the social ladder, we might deduce that they are almost there.

There are as many women in expensive German-made cars as there are men today. These women are mostly young, in their late 20s or early 30s. For some reason, they are always in a foul mood. It could be the traffic, or that mindless matatu driver.

For men, a good car can cater for up to 80 per cent of his inadequacies. Men who drive big cars are known to be irresistible to women from all classes. Socially, the car a man drives determines the class of women he attracts. There are women who can never go out with a poor man who drives a simple Toyota.

Essentially, in matters cars, you are what you drive. That is why Probox and Vitz are the most ridiculed cars in Kenya. Personally, their shape and design wake me up at night.

They are grotesque as they are monstrous. Away from that, we are so violent in our judgment on cars even when we don’t drive, much less own one.

The tables have turned, and women are increasingly driving the best cars in town. In the past the assumption was that women never owned such cars. The company, a generous sugar daddy or the real dad bought them. Lately, this might not be the case.

Women are now in a position to afford the most sought after cars in Kenya.

Strangely, most men develop cold feet when it comes to women with big cars. A car is a statement of wealth by inference. When a man sees a woman in an expensive car, it means he has no leverage over her and must use his wits.

When a man has a good car, good job, and is sufficiently rich, he can afford to have an IQ of a stupid rat, be humourless and still attract the best and the most beautiful woman in town. But a woman in a big car connotes wealth, fierce independence and a big ego.

Now men hate it when they have to deal with another ego bigger than theirs. And that is what men see in a woman comfy behind her Mercedes or BMW. It takes a man with a big car, or extreme wealth to put up with a woman who drives an Audi.

If a woman drives a better car than what you drive, you feel threatened and challenged. It has happened to me, and two of my friends.

The first time, a woman three years younger than me showed up with a Mercedes for a date. She had not prepped me for that. I arrived on foot. We had pizza, she paid the bill and dumped me 72 hours later. Another friend went for a rendezvous with his new catch.

A matatu dropped him at ABC Place in Westlands. She arrived in a Prado. Long story short, he run away without looking back. I mean nothing is ever so emasculating to a man than when a woman has a better car. It is the ego. All young, normal men who drive ordinary or don’t drive at all will be nervous around a woman in a big car.

I know there are spoilt brats who don’t mind, but any man worth his pride will steer clear of a woman in a big car. I wonder who often summons up the courage to date these lasses in pricey sunglasses.

Image Credit: RMA Motors Kenya
News Source: STANDARD Digital



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