Eaton launches SD technology for clutches

Updated: April 26, 2011

Eaton Corp., the world’s leading automotive manufacturer, and innovator in clutch technology is launching their ceramic SD clutch for the Middle East and Africa on this year’s Automechanika in Dubai.

This new technology can replace the 400mm twin plate clutches, used in many of the European trucks operating in the region, for a single plate 430mm clutch. For extremely heavy duty of high “Stop & Go” frequency applications with manual transmissions, using a “ceramic” facing material that features all characteristics of the organic facing materials, but is enhancing some of them aswell. The system is full ring cushioned and carries an Eaton US patent.

Tests are running on a world wide scale and intermediate results are indicating that the clutch shows a comfortable driving behavior, has a high thermal stability, is highly reliable and first results are indicating that the clutch has a superior life span.

Especially under rough working conditions and heavy load the indicators are that the clutch is outperforming and give an excellent behavior.

On stand 3AM306 of Eaton’s MENA partner Intertruck, Eaton had the SD clutch on display and technical staff available to answer any of the questions on the SD technology and other parts of the extensive clutch program Eaton is carrying. With Intertruck as partner, Eaton has secured availability of the clutch products from stock in the region.

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