Top 10 Longest Super Stretch Limousines in the World Ever

Updated: June 9, 2011


These days stretch limousines seems to be everywhere. If you want to impress these days, you need something bigger, so say hello to the super stretch limousines.

Here are the top 10 longest super stretch limousines in the world ever. All of them are so long that they can hardly turn around sharp corners. The longest of these super stretch limousines can actually bend in the middle to help them turn.

Starting out light, we have three rather normal looking stretch limousines. Nothing special here, they are just a bit longer than your average stretch limousine.


Add an extra set of wheels and some more length, and voila, your limousine looks a lot more impressive.

You can add even more wheels if you want to be totally sure you can’t turn around sharp corners.

Finally, you can go totally crazy and buy a stretch limousine so long that it needs to be able to bend. The first one is built like a pickup with a very long trailer for the passengers, the other two can bend in the middle!

The last limousine is actually the longest super stretch limousine in the world. Total length is 100 feet (more than 30 meters). It has 26 tires, room for a lot of passengers, a heated Jacuzzi, sun deck, swimming pool, a few beds and… a helipad!

Check out the picture below to see the helipad at the very end of the world’s longest super stretch limousine.



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