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Safety of self and belongings is a prime concern of everybody today. Advancement in technology has no doubt created more comfort and convenience in the day-to-day life but has also posed threats to lives of people.

It is not surprising to find one day that your newly bought car is stolen from the street where you parked it, or some criminal got into your home and tried to run away with your valuables by threatening you with a gun or a knife.

You need to be well equipped with self defense products and GPS tracking devices to protect yourself and your belongings.

Let us first talk about GPS tracking device which has advanced a lot in the last few years. Navigation systems are now available in many shapes and sizes with numerous features, from standard GPS tracking devices to computer USB attachments to cell phone integrated devices.

GPS system has 2 major types, the ‘real time’ system and ‘passive’ system. The real time GPS system communicates data ‘as it happens, while passive system only stores the data for retrieval at a later stage. GPs tracking system is used in car tracking devices for tracking data about a car’s location, direction, speed etc. GPS tracking device comes in handy for transport companies as it enables them to track their vehicles and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.

Car tracking devices are particularly very useful in tracing stolen cars. If installed in a car, the police can trace back the stolen car and retrieve it within short time. Theft and crime have become everyday news. Car theft is one of the major crimes that is getting worse year after year. A real time car tracking device constantly transmits a signal so that you can trace its location any time of the day or night. It sends you an alarm signal when somebody tries to start your car.

Technological advances have made car tracking devices very compact and easy to install on your own. They enable you to maneuver different routes and help you in tracing your destination if you get lost in the wilderness.

When we talk of personal safety, self defense products become more important possessions. There are various types of self defense products and spy devices which can be used at home and outside for self protection against criminals.

Hidden spy cameras are one of the best spy devices to install in homes for protection from criminals. These self defense products can alert you to the entry of some in your home when you are away.

You can keep self defense products like stun guns, pepper sprays or tasers and defend yourself in your home by keeping them at places where you can pick them up instantly when needed.

Safe stay at home is vital for a free and comfortable life. Self defense products help in protecting yourself, if you use them wisely. Visit to view some of our security products

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