Security devices for your car

Updated: May 3, 2011

Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking systems have been around since shortly after the launch of GPS. Many different systems are available, and most work in a similar fashion, being connected to a cars alarm immobiliser system, and activate once the car is in motion without the owner present. They then notify the police of the position of the car so it can be recovered.

M0st tracking systems are fitted in a hidden location on your car, and you should not advertise their presence to thieves who might remove them if they notice. The systems are usually connected to a mobile phone device that is used alongside / instead of GPS to pinpoint the position of the car, or its last known position if it is hidden from the satellites by hiding the car inside a metal container etc.

Systems typically cost a few hundred dollars and a cost for fitting  What differs is the exact manner of the performance of the systems – some notify the manufacturing company as soon as they detect illegal movement, the company with then contact you to see if you are aware of your car moving, and if you are not then they report it to the police immediately. Cheaper systems rely on you calling to report the car stolen and activate the system yourself. As most crimes regarding higher value vehicles that are likely to have tracking devices fitted involve the use of the keys, some systems now have additional cards or sensors that verify the owners location so if the car is stolen with the keys and the immobiliser not activated, then the absence of the card will notify the manufacturers of the illegal movement of the car.

Having one of these systems fitted to your car may well get you a discount on your insurance policy, and some insurers may require that very high value cars have such a system fitted before they will agree to insure it.


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