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What does your car color say about you?

The colour you choose for your car, even if it is chosen for you reflects a certain vibration that you will either give out or take on by driving a car of that particular colour. It is like a dog chasing it’s tail. If you drive a red car you will tend to take on the vibrational traits of red, even if you don’t particularly like the colour red. If you do like the colour red the effects will be even stronger for you. This is a factor of the Law of Attraction. You attract what you are to you and you are attracted to what you are.


The color of a person’s car says a lot about his or her personality. For example, my dark green Chevy says, ‘I wanted to buy this car in black, but was too impatient to wait until I found a black one, so I bought this instead’.


I drove a red Cobalt rental, and the color of that one said, ‘My car is faster than your car’. Red also tells State Troopers, ‘My car is faster than the speed limit’.

Red is said to be the choice for dynamic and energetic people. Who does not think of red as sporty? Think speeding tickets! Maybe it is no coincidence that some of the most famous and successful racecar drivers drove red cars?


Yellow says, ‘I am quirky and artistic’. Girls who drive yellow cars probably have tattoos in places you can’t see. Guys who drive yellow cars probably have highlights in their hair that match their paint color.

Orange or Purple says, ‘I picked this color out myself’. And, ‘I am not good at picking out paint colors’.

However, yellow, orange and purple drivers are seen as people that are strong individualist that like to set themselves apart. That could explain why these colors are not seen that much on the road.


Black cars are for the cool kids, the James Dean types who smoke cigarettes behind the bleachers. They are also for the wealthy - everyone knows BMW’s look best in black. Black says, ‘I have style’.

Owners of black cars are thought to be elegant, classic, and powerful. Just think of black limousines. In addition, whenever a manufacturer introduces a new car model, it usually comes out in black first.


White cars are for people who have a lot of time to wash their vehicles. Clean white cars say, ‘I care about appearance, and I work hard to look good’. However, some people drive white Jeeps or pickups so the dirt clearly shows on the exterior. These vehicles say, ‘I am a redneck, and my truck can go through deeper mud than your truck’.

White used to be the most popular car color. It is said that people that drive white cars are methodical and fussy. An interesting fact about white cars is that people that don’t like to spend large amounts of time cleaning usually don’t buy them. However, in reality, white does not show the dirt as much as a car with a darker color. A white car is also most visible at night. Maybe that is the reason that drivers with white cars are also thought of as extroverts?


Gray says, ‘I do not care about the color of my car’. Or, ‘This is only primer, man. Wait until I get my next check’. Or, ‘I work at the concrete plant, and don’t like washing my car’.


Green says, ‘I care about the environment’. People with green cars are likely to have Grateful Dead stickers in their back windows.

These drivers are thought of as trustworthy, balanced and traditional. However, it is said that the darker the green, the more pronounced these character traits are. Unfortunately, statistics also cite green cars as more accident prone, along with brown and black cars.


Silver cars are for the technologically advanced. These guys probably have an Ipod plugged into their dash, and know the difference between a plasma and an LCD. You are likely to see drivers of silver cars sporting bluetooth headsets.

Silver has become the most popular car color. This could be because silver is the color of technology and innovation. Just think of all the electronic gadgets. When they arrive newly on the market, they are silver (for example cell phones). If you drive a silver car, you are probably an elegant person with a “cool” personality, who likes technological advances.


Blue says, ‘I am cool; I am offbeat; I like things that are pretty’. Light blue, however, is usually just for girls. Dark blue, for guys, says, ‘I belong to a car club’.

This depends on the shade. A dark blue car owner is supposed to be confident and dependable, while a person that drives a lighter shade of blue is thought of as quiet and calm.


Pink says, ‘I am a chick who is into cars (hence the custom paintwork)’. Drivers of pink cars are probably Japanese. If the driver is a male, I would have to wonder.


Gold car owners are seen as intelligent people with warm personalities, who also like certain standards and comforts in life.


All of these choices speak of timeless and well-adjusted individuals. While brown cars, as mentioned, are likely to be involved in accidents, cream cars are the opposite and statistically are shown to be the safest.

Color changing paint says, ‘I look good in the hood’. Actually, it says, ‘I looked good in the hood in 1999′.

My brother drives a car with blue, green, orange, and yellow flames and custom cut taillights. His car says, ‘I have speeding tickets in every county in North Alabama. And some in Southern Tennessee’.

Study this list carefully before you paint your car. If in doubt, buy a motorcycle.

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