Woman Leads Gang in Hijacking Hardware Truck

Updated: June 3, 2011

FOUR people were arrested yesterday for allegedly robbing a Mitsubishi Canter truck of hardware goods worth of thousand of shillings. The lorry was ferrying the goods from Nairobi to Kakamega on Sunday when it was hijacked by the five suspects.

Nakuru police boss Johnston Ipara said a woman stopped the vehicle at Kikopey Centre at around 6.30 pm and requested for a lift. “She claimed that she could alight at the Pipeline area. The driver who was driving alone allowed her in,” Ipara said.

But when they got close to Pipeline, she told the driver to stop and four men armed with rifles similar to AK-47 appeared from nearby bushes. “They threw the driver out and took control of the vehicle. The driver reported the matter to the Mwariki police station who launched a quick thorough search,” Ipara said. Ipara said on the following day, the vehicle was later found abandoned in Nakuru town without the goods.

Through a tip off, police were led to a rental house in Umoja estate, in Lanet area where they found four people loading the booty into a vehicle.

The driver and conductor of the second vehicle were arrested as well as the two loaders packing the lorry with The police arrested the driver and his conductor. Two loaders who were heaving cement, window glasses and tiles, were also nabbed. Ipara said the suspects will be probed for information that will could lead to the arrest of the highway robbers who are still at large.



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