Hyundai ranks highest in Total Value Awards with Equus leading all cars

Updated: November 18, 2013

Hyundai has taken the cake in Strategic Vision’s 18th Total Value Index. The study, which looked at 45,952 new car buyers for 2013 models between September 2012 and March 2013, looks at the ownership experience along with the customer’s views on the economic impact of the purchase in both the near and long term.

For the first time, Hyundai was ranked as the leading brand for Total Value, while its Equus luxury sedan scored both the highest overall score and took the crown in the luxury segment. Other Hyundai winners included the Sonata (tied with Fusion), Genesis Coupe and Elantra.

Ford scored quite well, too, taking the segment titles with the Fiesta Sedan (which tied with Elantra), Fusion, Focus Hatchback, Taurus (tied with Dodge Charger), Explorer and Lincoln Navigator. General Motors’ cars and trucks managed to capture eight segments, while Toyota topped six areas.


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Finally, Strategic Vision awarded a “Special Alternative Powertrain” award to the Tesla Model S. “The future of Total Value also plays heavily into the selling of more Alternative Powertrain fuel vehicles. The right product attributes, vehicle imagery and, of course, the customer’s personal values will make the difference,” said Alexander Edwards, the president of Strategic Vision.

Volkswagen has dominated the past few years of the Total Value Index, while last year’s individual winner was the BMW Z4.


News Source: Strategic Vision

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