Range Rover unveils most expensive model ever: 25M with 1st class airline style seats & champagne chiller

Updated: October 28, 2013

The most expensive and luxurious Range Rover ever created by the British 4X4 firm is revealed today – with a right royal £140,000 price tag to match. This amounts to an average of Ksh. 25,000,000/- after taxes and other Kenyan Government charges.

The target audience for the sumptuous off-roader is royalty – both the blue-blooded real and the ‘tinsel-town’ Hollywood variety - as well as ministers and senior politicians and top sporting stars.

After his birth, baby Prince George arrived back from hospital to Kensington Palace with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in a Range Rover – after his father skilfully strapped him into  his child seat.

The interior will feature leather and wood trims along with mood lighting and programmable settings for each seat

The car will be the first Range Rover with a long wheel-base aimed at giving A-list passengers extra legroom while they are driven by their chauffeurs

The new Range Rover, which will be available in a premium Autobiography Black version, will be delivered to UK customers in August 2014 and cost £140,000 (i.e. Ksh. 16.5M

The new range-topping super-luxury Autobiography Black derivative of the Range Rover offers rear occupants fully adjustable reclining first class airline style seats with in-built massager, champagne chiller, individual electronic tables in black leather, mood lighting in ten colours, as well as a range of luxurious leather, wood and other interior trim.

Despite its name, it will also be available in white and other colours, as ‘Black’ is a term used in the automotive industry to denote a prestige model.

Despite all the comfort and luxury, the new Range Rover is powered by a supercharged V8 engine and will do 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds

For the first time in 20 years Jaguar Land Rover is also offering customers a long wheel-base version of the Range Rover – giving five and a half inches of extra legroom to occupants in a bid to capture more of the limousine market for chauffeured VIPs.

A Land Rover spokesman said: ‘This will be the most expensive and luxurious Range Rover ever.’

It is powered by a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 petrol engine which propels it from rest to 60mph in just 5.5 seconds to a top speed of 140mph.

The most luxurious Range Rover Autobiography Black makes its world debut at the Dubai International Motor Show on November 5 and will be available in long wheel-base form only in the UK.


A unique design and finish has been given to the front grille and side vents along with badging in black enamel and chrome.

It has been designed and engineered by Jaguar Land Rover’s new Engineered To Order division to combine luxury, design and 4X4 performance.

It and other long wheel-base models will then appear later in November at the Los Angeles Motor Show in the US and at the Guangzhou motor show in  China – both vital and booming markets for the UK luxury car maker.

Land Rover said: ‘The first Range Rover long wheel-base in 20 years will cater for a growing group of consumers looking for the ultimate sports utility vehicle and a unique alternative to the traditional long wheelbase saloon cars.

‘It represents the pinnacle of desirability to bring even higher levels of refinement to the world’s finest luxury sports utility vehicle.’

Range Rover is already the car of choice for celebrities arriving at red carpet events and film premieres and Jaguar Land Rover hope the long wheel-base and Autobiography Black versions will be ‘even more appealing’.

Daniel Craig arrived at the Skyfall Bond premiere in a Range Rover. Last week Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth arrived at the Thor premiere in one. Brad Pitt is currently filming in the UK and has been spotted being driven to and from Pinewood studios in a Range Rover.

All seats come complete with massagers, the rear chairs can recline like First Class airline seats and there is also a champagne chiller

As well as enjoying all that extra space, rear passengers can also enjoy 10.2in television screens behind the blacked-out windows

One insider said: ‘The new long wheel-base version is also expected to be a big hit with royalty, top politicians and diplomats who need a chauffeur vehicle which is luxurious but safe.

‘When the Duke of Cambridge collected the Duchess and Prince George from hospital his choice of vehicle was a Range Rover.’

First customer deliveries of Range Rover long wheel-base versions will be from March 2014 with Autobiography Black deliveries commencing in August 2014.

A ‘green’ Range Rover Hybrid derivative will also become available later in 2014. It is the first Range Rover long wheel-base since the Range Rover LSE which ran from 1992 to 1994.

John Edwards, managing director of the Individual Products Division said: ‘This exclusive vehicle offers our customers an unrivalled and luxurious driving experience that provides a seamless integration between the needs of business and leisure.’

Phil Popham, group marketing director for Jaguar Land Rover said: ’The Range Rover Autobiography Black is our most luxurious specification yet.

‘It epitomises sophisticated design with immaculate attention to detail. The subtle, elegant and luxurious finishing touches combine with a first class experience for both driver and passengers to deliver new levels of exclusivity to our customers.’

Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern, said: ’The Range Rover Autobiography Black is an intensely design focused response to our customers’ desire for more choice and exclusivity.

‘It represents the pinnacle of desirability in the world of luxury inhabited by our Range Rover customers.’


Range Rovers are already used by a host of the rich and famous, including Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, and Prince William

The Autobiography Black will make its world debut at the Dubai International Motor Show on November 5

The Autobiography Black, the most exclusive version of the new Range Rover, will be available in a range of colours, as the ‘Black’ refers to its premium status

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