Bug and Tar remover : Preserving your car paint finish

Updated: February 9, 2011

Whenever the holidays come around or a chance to take a road trip, it is a great feeling. You take the car to the garage for checks and maintenance to ensure it will not breakdown during your journey. This is vital for your car, but there is more. As a wise car owner, you ought to think ahead. Inorder for you to make the best of your Journey and still keep your car looking as good as ever, a bug and tar remover is essential. Here are some of the things pose a threat to the look of your car.


Dead bugs of all kinds on your windshield, grills, headlights is inevitable. Other than being unsightly, bugs deposit acidic fluid on your car that can cause damage to the paint as well as contribute to corrosion.  An accumulation of dead bugs on your car surface can over time become a chemical mix firmly attached. This will require a chemical process to remove. Failure to remove, the chemicals will eat away at your car surface and destroy it gradually. Exposure to moisture will further worsen the condition, leaving your car looking old and unrepresentable. The tony bits of insect eexoskeleton can also make tiny scratches on your car surface, exposing it to rust.

Road residue and asphalt

With the regular road construction on various road we travel on, asphalt and residue accumulates on various parts of the car. Mostly in curved places that are hard to reach and the thought of having to clean it off is frustrating. Stopping at a gas station to have your windshield wiped doesn’t provide the solution to the problem. Other than sulphur, your car is likely to also attract tar, asphalt, grease, tire rubber and oils.

Always ensuring that you have a good bug and tar remover handy helps keep your car in good shape all year. These make it easier to clean the difficult areas too as opposed to use of a wiper. Avoid using products that contain turpentine as they can remove color and leave your car with ugly blotches. For the best maintenance solutions, consult with your car service provider to know what product are recommended. Regular use of these products will help to ensure less risk and damage each time the car is exposed to bugs and residue.

When using any types of solvents, it is important that you read and follow directions carefully. Some products may be harmful and require special handling. Always keep them away from direct heat and children.

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