50 Limousines Hired to Ferry The Foreign Dignitaries

Updated: December 14, 2013
museveni armoured car

About 20 heads of state attended the Kenya jubilee celebrations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hired 50 limousines to ferry the foreign dignitaries.

More than 200 other top-of-the-range cars were reassigned from government ministries and state corporations to ferry the guests.

Uganda president was one of the speakers at Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration ceremony at Kasarani on Tuesday.

Unlike the other presidents, Museveni brought along his car from Uganda and looking closely at it, it’s easy to know why. Though details are sketchy, a simple look at it will reveal heavy Armour all over it.

The car is a S600 Pullman Guard armored limousine and the Ugandan president was first seen in it last year during the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary.
According to Chimp Reports, the car goes for not less than KSh 50 million, and was first manufactured in 2008.It is marketed as coming with Mercedes ‘Highest Protection safety package’, which means that it has been engineered to resistance level B6/B7 against military-standard small-arms projectiles, hand grenades and other explosive charges.

According to the manufacturer, the car can withstand small arms fire, grenade attacks as also fragments from explosions. The windows and windshields have a 60 mm polycarbonate coating which acts as a splinter shield. Its 90 liter fuel tank is self sealing and there is also a fire extinguisher on board just in case. An emergency air supply system will help in case of a biological attack.

The luxurious tank is fitted with a rear camera to alert the driver in case of an ambush.
Now, in case of an ambush and the tires are hit, they can run flat, at a speed of 80Km/hr for 30 minutes, definitely enough time for air backup.The president can hold a meeting with anyone in any part of the world, inside his car. This is facilitated by hi-end communication devices. If he wants, he can even hold a face to face meeting with you. Literally face to face. How? the seat arrangement.

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