A swoop on Probox cars and Boda bodas violating traffic laws.

Updated: November 20, 2013

Traffic police in Embu yesterday carried out a swoop on Probox cars and boda bodas violating traffic laws. More than 40 Proboxes and 40 boda bodas were impounded and their drivers arrested to be charged with flouting traffic rules.

Motorists engaged Embu West District Traffic boss Mohammed Sasura in cat-and-mouse game with most of them using “panya” routes to avoid arrest. Police along Embu-Meru road had to give chase after some motorists defied orders to stop when flagged down. Sasura said the crackdown was occasioned by the high number of motorists who have refused to comply with the laws. He singled out Probox cars as the most notorious saying the drivers carry passengers in the boots which endangers their lives.

He said probox cabs have illegally converted into PSVs as they pick passengers on road outside their designated areas. Sasura said his officershad to stand in the middle of the road in a bid to stop the vehicles and boda boda operators for check up. Some rogue motorists did not heed and the police had to scamper to avoid being knocked down. Patients going to the Embu Provincial General Hospital, who mostly rely on the Proboxes were stranded following the crackdown.

Some taxi drivers abandoned their passengers and sped off from various bus stages to avoid police from impounding their vehicles, which majority of the officers termed unroad worthy. Passengers were left stranded for the better part of the day with most drivers withdrawing their vehicles from the road. More than 40 vehicles and 30 motorbikes were impounded during the crackdown. Drivers will be charged in court to face traffic offence related charges.


Source: allAfrica

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