The traffic department has announced a massive crackdown ahead of the December holidays.

Updated: November 16, 2013

The traffic department has announced a massive crackdown on errant public service vehicle operators ahead of the December holidays.

Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru has also put on the spot traffic police officers who take bribes from motorists warning them that they would face dire consequences.

He said PSV drivers who would be found operating on routes they have not been licensed would have their vehicles grounded.

Mr Kimaru was speaking on Friday in Murang’a town when he met stakeholders in the transport industry from the area.

The traffic boss said there is always a sharp increase in accidents during the Christmas holiday as drivers rush to ferry the high number of travellers.

He said many matatu operators had the habit of taking their vehicles to routes with high number of travellers in December without acquiring TLB licenses for those routes.

“We will be very vigilant this Christmas holiday and we will ground vehicles which will be found breaking traffic rules especially those operating without TLB licenses,” he warned.

Mr Kimaru was accompanied by members of the newly formed Taskforce on Traffic Reforms.

The taskforce was created four months ago by the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo.

The taskforce is on a tour to all counties.

It is collecting views from the public on the increased number of road accidents in the country.

“We want to engage with the public and get to know how we will all deal with the worrying road carnage in the country,” said Mr Kyalo Mulandi, a member of the task force.

During the meeting, motorbike operators popularly known as boda boda were also blamed for blatant disregard of traffic rules and for increased accidents.

Mr Kimaru warned them that they would also be apprehended if found riding without helmets, reflective jackets or ferrying more than one passenger.

He also said officers found taking bribes would be dealt with accordingly.

He also warned motorist against engaging in the vice.

Area County Commissioner Ms Kula Hache who hosted Mr Kimaru during the public forum also asked residents to observe traffic rules.


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