URA Streamlines Temporary Online Car-Importation Process

Updated: July 22, 2010

Kampala — Uganda becomes the first country in the East African Community to launch a web-based application to facilitate the temporary importation of vehicles. The service code-named Temporary Importation of Motor Vehicles and Export System (TEVIES) is part of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)’s Custom’s Modernisation Project and will replace the manual system which had many challenges like failure to take vehicles back to their countries origin.

It will tremendously transform the clearance of temporary importation and exportation of foreign registered motor vehicles between URA and the public.

It will enhance the management and control of all temporary imported,foreign registered and Ugandan registered vehicles that are temporarillyexported to neighbouring countries.

“It is a web-based application and it supports concurrent access by many users. It can be interfaced with other systems that we use. This is part of our journey to modernise operations in customs,” said Daniel Arorwa, the URA manager, Customs Modernisation Project.

The new system will put an end to the hassle of delivering import certificates to the originating stations as reconciliation will now be easy and instant.

“We now have timely generation of accurate management reports, statistics and efficient collection because of a central data base,” Arorwa added.

This will help customs enforcement target and take action with precisionon all motor vehicles thathave overstayed their statutory period.

It will support concurrent access by many users and provide consistent data updates.

Adopted From: http://allafrica.com/stories/201003090656.html

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