Modern Coast has been Alleged for Poor Services by Unsatisfied Customers

Updated: November 20, 2013

All hell broke loose when a dissatisfied customer (one of the many judging from the number of those who surfaced with complains) decided enough was enough and took to social media to air her grievances. Several others seemed to share in her ordeal with some unbelievable allegations surfacing. The war originated from a post by one Makena Onjerika who posted the complain a day after travelling from Mombasa with one of the luxurious buses;

”Should Modern Coast Express be allowed to continue selling Oxygen tickets for broken down buses with AC or internet? Join me in saying NO. Share, comment, do something.”

Aisha Mutonga: ‘ SHAME! SHAME! Walinitesa on 16th October nilibook online to Mombasa on Friday ya mashujaa day. System yao ikachukua Chapaa 2600 twice (5200/=)na ikahata kutoa ticket. Sema stress! I had to pay for other tickets personally as their system collapsed. Kuuliza refund! Nilizungushwa for 3 weeks!

Jackie Gitahi: ‘Complains are not only on selling Oxygen tickets for broken down buses, their services have gone from worst to indescribable! And least of all they have no customer service but are rude. Two bad experiences and am done with them. Every client should get value for their money!’

Ezra Njeru: ‘their vehicles are pathetic, came with one to kampala, it had to be forced to Kisumu because the gears couldnt change.. they either up their game or they are following the Akamba route very soon.’

Pamellah Oduor: ’Jackie Gitahi, rude is actually an understatement. The so called hotesses are ill trained and will sit next to you if you are sitted alone and start talking to or about some men they met while in Nairobi. Eish!’

This are just but a taste of the amount of rage going on on social media about this particular bus company. It is only fair that clients get service for their money and if my business  education teacher did not lie to me, she told me in business, the customer is king and is always right. Having said that, I hope the concerned authorities will surface and explain if not counter these allegations.

“How can Modern Coast steal so blatantly? Because once travelers pay for the tickets, they cannot get refunds. Further, it takes time for one to discover all the faults in a bus, by which time the bus has already left Nairobi and cannot be stopped without collective action from all passengers. Further, when traveling overnight, most passengers are afraid of complaining as they may be forced to alight in unknown, unsafe areas. No one likes delays and so most of us Kenyans just endure.”



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