More tips to Save on Fuel Consumption


Here are some more tips on what we can all do to save some money in this hard economic times, especially with the fuel prices rising steadily instead of our economy, we need to think of ways to save more money. So here are some:


Pair up with an another person at work who lives in your general area or join an organized carpool. You’ll save money and share the driving so you can actually sleep or get work done during the commute.

The American Automobile Association, says it costs an average of 26.2 cents per mile to drive a car. This includes gasoline, oil, maintenance, tires, and depreciation. For a 40-mile round-trip commute, this comes up to $10.48 per day, $220 monthly, and $2640 annually. Tolls and parking are additional

Telecommute instead of driving to work

More and more businesses are seeing the value of allowing their employees to work a few days from home. Some even feel that employees are more productive when they work from home. If your employer allows it then you should consider the telecommute option as it relieves you from having to deal with the frustration of driving to work that day thus saving you gas and money.


Do it the old fashioned way and enjoy the health and financial benefits of walking to wherever you need to go. Most healthy people can easily walk four miles in an hour.

Ride your bicycle

Get in shape and save gas and money when you ride your bike to do routine errands and trips around town. In congested areas it’s not unusual for a bicyclist to make better time than a bus or car and have an easier time because there are no parking costs or hassles of finding a space. Many buses now have bicycle carriers affixed to the front of the bus making it even easier to combine the two.

Use public transit

Take the bus or train to work or for trips around town. Most local transit agencies have their schedules available online so it’s easy to plan a quick trip around town or even a distant location. As mentioned above many buses and even trains will allow you to take your bicycle along for the ride, but check for any restrictions.

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