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Kenya is a huge market for Japanese vehicles, and we are certainly hoping to increase our share of this market. The import regulations in Kenya favour newer vehicles, so the top sellers there are newer Toyota Axio, Corolla Fielders, Landcruisers, and Mark X.

Importing into Kenya is very easy. The major requirement is the JEVIC inspection certificate. Please see below for more info on this:

Recommended ports

The most convenient port for receiving car shipments is Mombasa.

Clearance and delivery from the destination port

We recommend you use a clearing agent.

Inspections and local regulations

You need a JEVIC inspection certificate to import a vehicle into Kenya. This inspection is carried out by an independent Japanese company and covers everything from brakes to bumps and scratches. It costs $250 for the inspection for cars, and a little more for large trucks and busses, but you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in good condition.

It is very important to note that vehicles imported into Kenya should be below 8 years old. Be sure to check with your local authorities regarding regulations before making a purchase.

Why buy direct from Japan?

Many Kenyans choose to buy directly from Japan because quite simply you will be getting a better quality vehicle, with a lower mileage at a cheaper price. Vehicles made in Japan often have the highest grade options fitted as standard. We estimate that when you add everything up you will be saving at least $1000 compared with a similar quality vehicle bought locally.

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  1. Hallo,
    I just wanted to ask if somebody would kindly enlighten me on how used car mileage correlates to general car life span.
    If I import a 2003 car from Japan with a mileage of 140,000km, does it mean that the car no longer has a long life span when I start using it in Kenya?
    Thank you for your good work!

  2. How is it possible that you can collect a a car at the port – Mombasa with the 4 power window winder machine missing?

    Could they have been removed at the port?

  3. Dear Edwin,

    There must have been a mistake somewhere. Before any vehicle is imported, it has to undergo inspection to ascertain that it is fit for usage. If there is a part missing, this could have happened on the way while being shipped or at the dock, its hard to tell. But to avoid making assumptions, it is best to get in touch with the supplier to find out what might have happened, or if it was an error that went unchecked by mistake. Then you can work on a viable way forward.


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