TOTAL New Jomvu, The Biggest Truck service station in ECAF

Updated: January 24, 2014

The new look TOTAL Service Station is inspired by the desire to demonstrate that the TOTAL brand is ECO friendly and ECO conscious. The new look and design has automatically re-energized the high level of service we offer our customers through its innovative and modern service stations. It boasts of

  1. A totem that blends into the environment
  2. A friendly and functional environment
  3. Enhanced and clean service area

It also communicates sustainable development to customers and station visitors. The warm ambience make Total Service Stations cooler and fresher.

Below are images from the inauguration event of TOTAL New Jomvu Service Station. TOTAL New Jomvu is the biggest truck service station in East and Central Africa. It was launched in partnership with DT DOBIE and Kingsway Tyres. DT DOBIE manages and operates the service centre dedicated for trucks while Kingsway Tyres manages and operates the state of the art tyre centre. The station also boasts of a Bonjour convenience store and a Cafe Bonjour which are cool places with very nice ambience. It also has a rest room and a prayer room for truckers as well as ample space for parking. The station is very modern and very innovative and is based on Total’s new look. The colours and deco of the station communicate environmental conservation and sustainability. If you are in Mombasa, make an effort to visit this amazing station.













Image Credit: Total Kenya Limited
Source: Total Kenya Limited

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