Toyota Reveals FT-1 Concept Hints at Supra Successor

Updated: January 14, 2014

Toyota stunned the audience at the American International Auto Show, revealing the FT-1 concept to a cheering crowd. FT, Japanese for Future-Toyota, with the “1″ designating “ultimate” was designed by Calty Design Research studio, and is seen as the ultimate expression of Toyota’s past exterior coupe designs, like the Supra and MR2. It also pays tribute to interior design of the classic 2000GT and should also maintain the family relationship with the Lexus RC F.

Designers noted the “function-sculpting” design of this concept supercar, with muscular, curved details including air ducts and vents. Toyota did not publish any technical spec, though executives in Detroit did take the car for a spin around the pixelated Fuji Speedway. Let’s hope this a sign of things to come.


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